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Dr. Sheela Chemparathy

I have been practicing family medicine in Burlington for the last 12 years, after having completed residency at McMaster University. I love my job as a family physician and am looking forward to this new venture at Harvester Family Practice.

Apart from caring for my patients and continuously educating myself, I like taking long hikes with my golden retriever, being "Meema" to my grandaughter, and have recently taken up baking!

Dr. Sabera Ahmed

Continuity of care is the best part of practicing Family Medicine.
I appreciate having the opportunity to build a therapeutic relationship with my patients over the time and to have the privilege of providing care for several generations in one family.

My reward of being a Family Physician is the implicit trust of my patients as well as to be able to be there for them in different stages of their life, whether it be a happy or a sad one.

Dr. Sadaf K. Ahmed

After completing my residency as McMaster University, I have practiced as a family physician in Burlington for the past 12 years. Prior to that, I trained and lived in England for many years. Burlington is a community I have thoroughly enjoyed raising my 3 children within. I love to travel, play tennis, and ski as a family. Looking forward to this new venture.

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